Chris WhymanThe ancient Latin word Bedellus translated as “to herald“. It is the word from which early Town Crier’s derived the name “Beadle“. A Beadle was an officer of a Council, a Court or a Parish. They carried out their duties by summoning people to appear or announcing the decisions made by the institution that they represented.

It is the Ontario Guild of Town Criers mission is to:

  • promote the ancient and honourable craft of Town Crying, and
  • ensure that this most personable and eloquent method of oral communication prevails for all time.

Its members promise to uphold the honourable values of Town Crying, loudly crying news, announcements and proclamations to the citizens of our communities and our great nation Canada. We pledge to assist any individuals who wish to become a Town Crier and communities that are interested in establishing a Town Crier either through official appointment or contest.

The Bedellus is one way that we can maintain contact with our members and with the general public.

If you have any questions or concerns about the website, please contact the webmaster by email.

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