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  • Civic Criers For Municipalities

  • Community Cries For Events and Functions

  • Charity Cries For Fund Raising Events

  • Commercial Cries For Business Openings and Weddings or Anniversaries etc.
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What is a Town Crier?

A Town Crier makes proclamations and announcements for his or her town or community.

Criers attend functions or celebrations and ring their bell to get everyone's attention before reading a special announcement or proclamation from a scroll. Criers normally cry loudly and clearly so that all can hear.

They use the traditional opening word "OYEZ! [oh yeah!] which is a very old french term meaning "To Hearken" or "Hear YE!"

Once having read the "Cry" or message in a suitable fashion to all assembled, the Crier traditionally finishes with the words "God Save The Queen" or "God Bless Canada!" whilst raising their hat.

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The Ancient and Honorable World
of Town Crying

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Need an M.C. or Toastmaster?

Town Criers make excellent Toastmasters and M.C.'s. Many Members belong to the Toastmasters Club of Ontario too!

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