Brent McLarenMembership in the Ontario Guild of Town Criers is open to any Crier who has an official status within a Community or Historical Group. A copy of the Bylaw, Resolution, Motion or a letter from the Mayor, Council or President that proclaims the Crier as an official representative is required before you can join the Guild.

The Guild also has Associate Members who reside outside of Ontario and Life Members appointed by the Guild’s Executive in recognition of long service to the Guild. Many remain as members even though they have retired from active service as a Crier.

logo-patch_351.gifThe annual membership fee is $60.00 and is due on January 1st each year. (Late payment charges will apply and non-payment by March 31st means withdrawal of membership.) A new Crier also pays a one time initiation fee of $25.00 which provides for the Guild Crest and other initial membership materials.

One of the benefits of membership is an opportunity to share in the Ontario Guild Crier Insurance Cooperative. This is entirely optional and the annual costs vary depending on the number of members who elect to join the cooperative each year. It is coordinated by a Guild member and is completely separate from the Guild membership fee. Partnership normally opens in December of each year for the following year, closing in the first week of January. This insurance protects the Crier should an unforeseen event occur at a time when they would/might not be covered under their municipality or sponsoring group’s insurance. Criers are urged to investigate their personal liability insurance when performing their duties and ensure they are adequately protected.

For information on joining the Guild please contact: or

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