2016 Website Launched …

The website for the Ontario Guild of Town Criers Provincial Championships for 2016 being held in heritage Perth Ontario launched today. The site, designed specifically for the Criers who are planning to attend, will keep each Crier and community up-to-date on all of the scheduled events and venues which are part of the weekend. The site also contains information to help Criers with accommodations and local restaurants.

Crier Brent McLarenAs the organizing committee makes adjustments to the event, the changes will be made reflected immediately on the web site. During the last months leading to the competitions versions of information will be available for Town Criers to download, hopefully saving considerable paper and copying. Even registration and cry submission for the event can be accomplished online.

The website contains over 150 pages from special editions of the Perth Courier to help the Criers prepare for their third cry, which relates to the history of the Military Settlement on the Rideau, as well as given them some interesting looks at the community as they prepare their first two cries.

The 2016 OGTC Provincial Championships will take part in Perth, Ontario on May 21-22, 2016 as part of the community’s 200th birthday celebrations.

The website is located at: http://perthtowncrier.com/2016.