Planning already underway …

In 2016 Heritage Perth Ontario celebrates its 200th anniversary. Committees have been meeting since 2010 planning for the over 200 events that will mark the bicentennial celebration. One of those committees is already planning to host the Ontario Town Crier Provincial Championship over the Victoria Day weekend, May 20-22, 2016.

Ian DoigWe are a small community and if you don’t plan ahead you quickly discover that the many excellent hotels and B&B’s are fully booked” noted Karen Rennie, the Town’s Heritage Manager. She added that, “Being known as the ‘Marriage Capital of Eastern Ontario’ means every weekend sees the town flooded with visitors and guests.” A quick check of the Perth Best Western Plus Spa showed that literally every weekend is nearly at full capacity all the way to 2017! The organizing committee has already set aside rooms for the number of Criers who will be making the trek to historic Perth.

Perth’s records show that it had a full time Town Crier active in the community as early as 1836. At one time, in the 1850’s there were no less than three Criers in the community. One crier, Anthony Wiseman used to peddle candy and hot broth as he made his rounds each night. With such a history, and on such an historic occasion, there will certainly be some interesting topics for the Criers to ply their trade and ring their bells about.

Criers … mark your calendar!