Kingston Bell-Ringers

On literally any weekend the “Limestone City” is a busy place, but added to the bustle of the market, the people filling the stores and restaurants on Saturday, May 22nd, five Criers gathered … four of whom were testing their lungs for the World Championships in Chester, England in June. It was a beautiful sunny day that greeted the Criers and their Escorts who could not escape the literally hundreds of photo requests from the gathering crowds.

The Kingston Bell-Ringers

Organized by Kingston’s Crier Chris Whyman (kneeling) and Rideau Lakes Crier David Boyd (far left), Bracebridge Crier Bruce Kruger and his wife Lynn, Orangeville Crier Betty Kading and her husband Ron and Heritage Perth Crier Brent McLaren along with his wife Shelley were treated royally.

The Criers strutted their stuff on the Market performing impromptu cries for the merchants and then two cries before the crowds. They toured Kingston on board the Confederation Tour Bus before enjoying what was a meal not to be missed. Hosted by the Kingston Brew Pub the four course “Bell-Ringers Special” meal featured a beer-pairing with each course. The micro-brewery beers (some of which comes from Bracebridge) permeated every part of the meal, from the rolls to the drizzle on the dessert, each course served with a specially selected beer to balance the flavours. It capped the festivities in a unique way and was warmly appreciated by all.

CKWS-TV was on hand to cover the event. You can see their coverage by visiting

Everyone walked away a winner from this exceptional day in Kingston.