New Town Crier for the City of Owen Sound

On September 16, 2006, Crier Bruce Kruger acted as Master of Ceremonies to host a Competition on the front steps of City Hall to select a new Town Crier for the City of Owen Sound. Three applicants vied for the position by giving a provided cry and one that they wrote on the History of Owen Sound. Mr. Drew Ferguson, an excellent candidate, was selected by a judging panel consisting of Mayor Ruth Lovell, Mr. Larry Miller, MP, Crier Roy Wilson, Crier Steve Travers & Crier Steve Travers.

Only 1 ½ points separated the winner from second place of Crier Jennifer Templeman who also did an outstanding job. Third place was by a retired school teacher involved in acting, Mr. Paul Flood. Drew has indicated that he wishes to join the Guild as soon as possible and has full support from the Mayor and City Council in this endeavour. Also, his wife is excited to take on the roll as his escort.

We are pleased to welcome Crier Drew Ferguson to the exciting world of Town Crying! Congratulations & Best Wishes, Drew! Special thanks are extended to the three Criers acting as judges for this event. Well Done!